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Subaru Legacy JDM

The Subaru Legacy Life

When you hear the work “JDM”, you likely think of something that has to do with cars and japan and you have good reason to think that. Many people in the car world strangely have not heard of this term. So for those of you not familiar with the term “JDM”, here you go. JDM simply stands for Japanese Domestic Model, and for true car enthusiast, a JDM car is the holy grail.

Legacy JDM

Subaru is a company that has been around since the 1950’s. They have been using the symmetrical all-wheel-drive system since 1972, which we know is really what they are famous for. So what keeps consumers coming back, car after car to Subaru? The AWD system paired with amazing reliability speaks volume when it comes to choosing the right car and that is what Subaru owners love. The Legacy was first introduced to the auto market in 1989, as an answer to the Toyota Camery and the Honda Accord. What made the Legacy stand apart from those cars was not just its reliability but its quirkiness. The Subaru Legacy at that time was Subaru’s bread and butter, their Flagship.

Subaru’s Answer To Fun Sedans

The Subaru Legacy was first released in Japan in 1989, the true Legacy JDM. The Subaru Legacy JDM turbocharged RS model had a starting price of only $18,800. For the performance you got out of that car, it was really a great deal. So if you are wondering why Legacy owners lover their cars so much, just look at who they are and what the car really means and stands for and you will get your answer.